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Honest NFT drop reviews about celebs, athletes, musicians and artists.

This blog was created by a front line NFT artist who wants to celebrate the celebrities that embrace and move the NFT industry forward with genuine excitement, but will also not hesitate to call out a false sense of enthusiasm or quality of NFT drop up in here.

NOT UP IN HERE! Did you know that my logo is actually a gif? My logo originated from me wanting you to free your inner rage, light a virtual man-ponytail on fire, buckle up, then douse the pony tail with water, shred some parm on John, and enjoy the cheese dripping all over our celebrity NFTdrop opinions blog! In case you were wondering, “like, what’s the point of your logo? It’s dumb.” Well, now you know. Only 2 of these gif NFTs will be available on our drop, one for you and one for us to keep forever.

My blog evolves every week and we now have 5 different types of posts as of 5/20/2021:

1.  NFT DROP REVIEWS (Regularly)

2.  FRESH CHEESE (Meta Hot Artist featured from time to time)

3.  QUESO RANDO (Random, 2-sentence thoughts re:NFTdrops, Occasionally)


5.  FAKE META COMPANY ADS (Occasionally)

Here is our rating system you noobie:



(I actually submitted this to

Proper Noun: A Fictional Metaverse Name Awarded to the Top Celebrity NFTdrop Expert and Debonnaire Art Collecting Extraordinare.


Noun: derived from the early acquisition of a Vincent Vega pixel NFT(1/1 of course), combined with Pulp Fiction’s scene where Vincent Vega(John Travolta) asks Jules Winnfield(Samuel L. Jackson) “you know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in Paris? They call it a Royale with cheese." Now, an expert reviewman in the metaverse.


Synonym: And it is within the same sentiment, LeDropWithCheese means Celebrity NFTdrop Reviews.


image_6483441 (1).JPG


The intro to my appearance on Irish Tech News on Thanksgiving in November 2021 written by Jamil Hasan, The OG Crypto Hipster, ☘️☘️Director/Host - Irish Tech News’ Crypto Corner Podcast, Blockchain book author, YouTube crypto content producer and Node Operator for TAC Token.

"Happy Thanksgiving holiday to my fellow Americans on behalf of both myself and the Irish Tech News. May we enjoy our turkeys or hams, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pies, and time with family. A blessed day to all who celebrate the wonderful holiday.

And as a treat, and to give thanks and show my gratitude, I have a special treat for us today as my podcast guest is the amazing Joey Dunne, also known as LeDrop WithCheese.

Joey is a United States veteran who served our country with honor, dignity, respect, courage and valor. All things to be grateful for now.

He has created a consulting practice focused on celebrity NFTs, and how to rate them too. (His rating criteria is shown below…)

I met Joey and we attended a couple events at NFT.NYC together a couple weeks ago. It was a great and fun day. His knowledge and experience with Celebrity NFTs is quite impressive.

There is no question that NFTs are a path forward for not just celebrities, but for other subsets of our population that happen to not have been granted certain priveleges, such as our Veterans.

Joey leads us by example.

And speaking of leading by example, I just wonder how many c-suite and board of director executives (even politicians), sitting at the Wall Street or corporate top, understand what fighting in a war is like? Is there a statistical correlation between those in power and those who dodged the Vietnam War? Is it even worth looking into?

I don’t need to do it, as it really gets me nowhere. Just as Joey uses his rating system on celebrity NFTs, I can take his same rating scale and apply it to Wall Street executives.

Most of my ratings I’m sure will definitely fall into the “Not Impressed” category.

Luckily with NFTs, and with open sourced blockchain technology, we don’t need to rely on Wall Street any longer.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Have a listen."

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