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7 for .75 Tez or less- HEN ART- 6/3/21

Or, as I like to refer to it, Incorruptible Spontaneously Combustible META HOT DEALZ for Earthlings! Whenever the mood strikes me, I will provide some SUPER LOW PRICED AMAZING ARTWORK on different platforms and verify the prices and quantities for you. When you see the Image below, just know that there are some OUT OF THIS WORLD deals linked to it, so hurry up and get one before they are gone! Like anything else, this is first come, first serve. Also please feel free to share any deals with me on this thread to include next time! Happy shopping!!

.75 Tezos

.5 Tezos

.5 Tezos

.35 Tezos

.3 Tezos

.1 Tezos

.01 Tezos

Pricing and quantities verified by yours truly at 11:25am EST on 6/3/2021.

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