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I think that if #ParisHilton had to make an NFT to describe herself, it would kind of be like this pic. However, I made this image with my exceptional skills for one reason only, and that is to tell you that YOU ARE META HOT! Yes, you! NFT Artists, Collectors, Humans, Aliens, Animals, etc. and we all volunteered to be in this competitive industry and it is a thankless pursuit of happiness. Kid Cudi. So, I am telling you that you are AWESOME! Do you see the quantity of dollar signs in the top left? That is how much you are worth - it’s way beyond any monetary value on my scale!! You are priceless! And, I am reminding you that you are a SUPERSTAR(top right) in this world and don’t ever give up!! Jimmy V. You must continue to believe in yourself, always. To put something in perspective for you, EMINEM, the global superstar, who was excited AF about his #NFTDrop and even had a big budget promo video, only sold 1,928 editions on Sunday when the max available was 29,997. EMINEM ONLY SOLD 6% of his open edition NFTs on Nifty Gateway. So, if you have not sold something yet, are frustrated, want to give up, please do us all a favor and DO NOT GIVE UP! Together, we can make this work for all of us. The NFT Artists are the foundation and infrastructure of this industry and to celebrate the less known artists who I consider BAD ASS and need some love from our community, will be featured every Wednesday in a showcase called, “FRESH CHEESE”. If you want to be featured, just ask me. I will say yes and let you know when it will run. We are all in this together!


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