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Have you ever heard of some artist named BEEPLE? Haha, jk, lol, jk, lol. In France, they simply refer to him as “Le Beep”, also jk. However you want to refer to this legendary #NFTartist, he is offering 100 editions in a raffle, in which you must answer trivia questions correctly to win, drum roll, bdddddd... GIGACHAD or as I like to refer to it, the image above Grimes’ bed. This is a new way to offer “NFT plebeians” a way to suck off the power teet, but Im gonna suckle just a lil bit shortly here(6pm EST today yo!), Mr. Sir Mike Beeple, because if I happen to answer whatever esoteric questions correctly and land 1 edition of los beeps, people will be bidding all over my Beeple! Such a great non-specific noun, verb, adjective, etc. that we should all start using. When swear words on TV are silenced, they need to be BEEPLED! Last, but not least, I HAD to make sure the NIFTY logo was enormous, because that is what they are all about: #BigNiftEnergy

Ok, your turn.

Head down to the BEEPLE NFTdrop at NiftyGateway and see if you can hit the lottery, It’s worth a shot and good luck!


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