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For the first time in LeDrop WithCheese history, I proudly present to you our very first guest writer, Jennifer Delgado! I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer at the CryptoBabes first IRL event during Bitcoin Miami 2022 week, at the gorgeous Marseilles Beachfront Hotel. We quickly discovered that we are both from Chicago with interest in Web3 and I gifted Jennifer her very first NFTs on the Sweet App! Since then, Jennifer expressed her desire to write and also informed me about the upcoming Bella Hadid NFT drop, which sounds Meta HOT to me! If you met me before, then you know I am a big #WAGMI guy, so following along that ethos, I excitedly offered Jennifer an opportunity to be LeDrop WithCheese's first guest writer, covering the Bella Hadid NFT drop! Without further ado, I present to you Jennifer Delgado's blog entry!


Written By: Jennifer Delgado

There is a new face that has taken the NFT-verse by storm by creating a new proposed meta-nation that will include 11,111 individual NFT’s for purchase in collaboration with the app and metaverse platform reBASE. Bella Hadid, the Dutch-Palestinian American supermodel who is one of the most famous and well known models in the world, has announced her NFT project, titled CY-B3LLA. According to an Instagram post dated May 21st on her official Instagram page, CY-B3LLA will be a meta-nation composed of 11,111 NFT’s that will be used as individual passports by their respective owners to be able to enter the CY-B3LLA meta world. Each NFT consists of unique body and face scans of Bella Hadid. Although exact pricing for each NFT has yet to be revealed by the CY-B3LLA team, their mission is to create a community that fosters peace, compassion, and connections through their NFT’s. Their goals are also stated to involve encouraging travel, fantasy, and human interactions. Events will be scheduled and revealed soon all around the world in ten different locations where fans and NFT buyers alike will get the opportunity to meet Bella Hadid in the flesh. Any interested individuals are encouraged to join the CyBella community, which currently has 10.9K followers on Instagram, and be added to registration for the whitelist at the official CY-B3LLA website located at . Investors in these fashion focused NFT’s of Bella Hadid will be among the first to take part in the massive influence that NFT’s are creating upon the fashion world, as seen in couture houses having NFT clothing offerings, metaverse fashion events in Decentraland, as well as other NFT creations by models such as Emily Ratajowski. Bella Hadid is a pioneer in a burgeoning sector of fashion NFT’s, and snatching up one of these NFT’s is something buyers will not want to miss.

Jennifer Delgado is a Chicago-based aspiring writer and journalist and is interested in covering news and commentary concerning the fashion and beauty industries’ foray into the metaverse. Jennifer is currently open to Metaverse/Web3 writing opportunities; for potential collaborations and/or interested inquiries, please email:


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