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Fun Fact: Bobby Jones was the first and only golfer to win all 4 major championships in a calendar year.

Calling all golfers and fans! Bobby Jones, an iconic golfer, attorney, sports celebrity of the 1920's and integral figure in golf has become the subject of a new NFT drop on Nifty Gateway. The drop is named, "Bobby Jones: The Great Collaboration" and features a series of Pop Art Golf paintings created by artist Christopher "CR" Obetz, who injects new energy to the works of Jones and Ravielli. The OG collabo between Jones and Ravielli captured the majesty of Jones' swing through sketches and anatomically correct illustrations.

The NFT drop explores how animations of the golf swing, brushstrokes and color can transport nearly a century old artworks to the modern day. Rooted in storytelling, "Bobby Jones: The Great Collaboration" demonstrates past meets the present and another viable use case to the endless possibilities of NFTs and their potential to bring "forgotten about" works into the modern era. I am an avid golfer whose first job was a caddy at a country club, so I comprehend the magnitude and importance of Bobby Jones' legacy. I was instantly intrigued by any kind of "Bobby Jones" named NFTs and after seeing how he was honored by this forever on the blockchain NFT drop, I am impressed!

Fun Fact: Jones founded and helped design the famous golf course, which later became Augusta National, the location of The Masters Tournament annually.

The drop features eight 1/1 collectibles, each of which includes both the NFT and the corresponding original "CR" work on canvas from which it was inspired. The lowest priced NFT is $8,500 USD and the most expensive is $16,000 USD. Purchasers will be contacted via email to organize shipping of the physical works. If you have the means to purchase, pick one up before they are sold out! Bobby Jones is widely considered one of the best golfers of all time and this is his "first NFT drop", so....

I have not written about a Nifty Gateway NFT drop since May of 2021 for multiple reasons, but when it comes to the Golf Legend, Bobby Jones, I had to evaluate this "Le Drop" and inform you that this is Meta-Hot! The Bobby Jones NFT drop is a must-see for golf enthusiasts, art collectors, and those interested in the potential of NFTs to reshape and digitally transform the art world. And if you can buy one, get one now!!

Bobby Jones NFTs to da MOOOON!!

Fun Fact: The USGA's Award for Sportsmanship is still known today as The Bobby Jones Award.

Fun Fact: Bobby Jones lived to be 69 years old!


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