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There are only 2 types of people in the metaverse: Bootsy Collins NFT owners and everyone else. I am GLAD I am in the first group of people and it’s not too late for YOU to join us! Bootsy Collins, aka William Earl "Bootsy" Collins aka Living Legend Bassist, aka P-Master of the Universe, aka Rock N’Roll HOF has 1 NFT appropriately named “Bootsy Cyborg” and it is a META HOT video of a cartoon Bootsy playing bass and kicking ass, then tripling himself and then possibly transforming into a bass guitar and flying away! (available RIGHT NOW until May 27th, 2021 on - quantity available not specified) I will divulge into more detail later about this new #NFTmarketplace in my upcoming “Marketplace Review” posts, but we should all familiarize ourselves with They recently partnered with the Celebrity Slots platform, a free to play mobile slot game, that has partnerships with celebrities who will most likely drop NFTs on their platform, such as: Dennis Rodman, Amber Rose, Foodgod, Joe and Melissa Gorga, Mia Khalifa, Carmen Electra, Roy Jones Jr., Julian Gil, Derrick Lewis, Trina and more! Getting back to the mission at hand, Houston, a couple of features with the purchase of Bootsy’s Cyborg NFT include the ability to use this special NFT to unlock exclusive content from Bootsy and also, “Fund the Phase 2 of the Bootsy Universe!”, which is TBD. His mission is to connect all the people of the universe and from what I can see, also the metaverse. Like, if you choose to host your #NFTdrop party in Decentraland, comprehend and execute a what a bad ass #NFT is, whilst making it for the masses, offer mysterious intrinsic value filled with Bootsy intrigue, all for a low price of .02 ETH, then, you are already in the NFTdrop Hall of Fame, donned by yours truly, LeDrop WithCheese. Congratulations buddy!! In summary, I never thought I would rate a NFTdrop with META HOT based on just 1 NFT, but this drop deserves every bit of recognition! Since we are all in this together, and on paper, Bootsy is 69 years earth old but immortal in the metaverse, head over to right now and scoop up a Bootsy Collins NFT ASAP! (or when gas fees go down later. You know.)

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