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I met this really talented artist recently in the Metaverse, named Chris McCormick and his NFTs and Clothing are OUT OF THIS WORLD! From the moment you visit Chris’ OpenSea page, you immediately get tripped out with his not moving, but made to look like its moving psychedelic banner and futuristic self-portrait profile image. He sets the tone for his art like a meta-BOSS! Artist Chris McCormick, a self described “ Dreamer of Dreams of Epic Proportions”, currently has over 50 colorful and metaverse-y themed #NFTs on OpenSea that feature astronauts, humans and aliens, UFO’s, and more! Some of his nfts integrate 20th century pop culture icons and images that seamlessly blend into the spatial colorful scenes that he creates for us. His NFTs start at ONLY .01 ETH, which is a stupendous deal, or, you could head over to Nifty Gateway and pay $800 USD for a BD White Astronaut NFT, when Chris’ art can make a case for being better! That’s what I thought. “I have been creating new work everyday and having a ton of fun.” says Chris, during this “super creative time” in his life creating new images, as well as revisiting old images and updating those with new skill sets learned recently. Well, Chris, THANK YOU for allowing your creativity to flow and sharing some amazing work along the way! Chris McCormick also has a merch shop that ships to Earth and the Metaverse, that has a selection of some really cool Meta-Designs that are printed all over or just as a front graphic on tanks, tshirts, hoodies, etc. I ordered a futuristic Lotus shirt from his store and I plan on wearing it during my LeDrop Video Reviews! Lastly, I don’t even want to get into it, but Chris was scammed out of $800 on OpenSea a few months ago, and as any great community does, we must come together to help this man out and buy some of his Meta Hot NFTs and Gear!



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