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CNN is launching a fully comprehensive NFT program and not just selling some NFTs because they are “so hot right now” -Mugatu

Starting tomorrow at 12pm EST, you can purchase CNN NFTs directly from their vault for ONLY $25 USD on a credit card! I am soooo excited, ecstatic and looking forward to the launch and evolution of CNN’s legendary NFTs moments that are totally accessible, reasonably priced and their overall collector-oriented, rewards based program! (and you can even submit NFT moment suggestions on their vault page.) CNN’s NFTs are referred to as "moments", which are essentially their proprietary video footage of historically important moments over the past 40 years. The first 2 moments available for purchase tomorrow are:

June 1, 1980: Ted Turner launches CNN ($25 USD each, 500 editions, 55 sec.)

January 1991: 'The skies have been illuminated', as war erupts. ($25 USD each, 500 editions, 77 sec.)

You can also earn rewards by completing/collecting CNN’s NFT moment sets based on certain themes/milestones for access to exclusive rewards, insider benefits and more. (For example, the “Ted Turner launches CNN” moment is part of the “CNN Defining Moments, The ’80s & Mavericks” collections. There has been no discussion about a marketplace, but I would highly recommend at a minimum, purchasing some early moments from this collection. Please do yourself a favor and sign up for a CNN account, get access to purchase their NFTs tomorrow and BUY ONE RIGHT AT 12pm EST for 25 beans yo!!! You’re welcome.


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