I had the opportunity of meeting founder, JP Penner, at NFT.NYC 2022, not once, but twice! Typically at these Web3 conference weeks, you will run into the same person on different days at multiple events and from my experience, these are the individuals you were meant to connect with and figure out a way to help each other in their Metaverse journey. This year’s NFT.NYC, I had the honor of meeting JP at Margaritaville for NFT-VIP, which was a star studded event at a gorgeous venue, which is exactly why JP and myself were in attendance! Two days later, I ran into him again at the SoHo Technique AR Gallery Crawl and learned even more about JP’s dynamic NFT project encompassing all of the artistic talents he has worked on his entire life, from drawing, rapping and DJing, writing, voice overs, event curation and fashion design! AND, since JP was diagnosed with ADHD a few years ago, his community is focused on embracing this superpower that 20% of the population has and he will encourage you to be “unapologetically you” as a CoolCrocs community member. I had never met someone like JP before and was instantly impressed with his CoolCrocs mission, as well as learning that his NFT project is a cartoon DAO where community members can: vote on the storyline, be part of the comic itself, attend IRL events, receive surprise cool merch and at some point, party on a Yacht with the CoolCrocs community! CoolCros isn’t just another PFP NFT Collection that created brand new IP during the NFT boom trying to make a quick buck. JP has been working on this CoolCroc cartoon for 10+ years, his artistic talents for his whole life and discovered that blockchain/NFT technology was the best way for him to streamline all of his talents and build a community of like minded individuals! I am a proud CoolCrocs NFT holder and member of the community and encourage you to join us in JP’s mission!

Mint a CoolCroc today for only .077 ETH!!

CoolCrocs is hosting an IRL event on August 6, 2022 in LA at The Milk Room in Woodland hills from 4-7pm, where the world premiere/sneak peek of the cartoon will be played, live performance and DJing by founder JP Penner, CoolCrocs merchandise and more!

CoolCrocs just launched a promo for the NEXT 10 MINTS! You will receive a CoolCrocs T-Shirt when you mint your CoolCroc! Here is the promotion described by founder JP Penner:

I also wanted JP to be my very first guest on my new platform, “Meet With Cheese - METAVERSE INTERVIEWS” which is positioned as, “People and Projects you need to know about.” Check out the first 5 episodes, my interviews from NFT.NYC 2022 and some Meta-Hot Video content featuring me! Here is the full interview with JP Penner:


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