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I met Takayoshi, the founder of kpopbasketball, at my Meet & Cheese Immersive Networking Event during NFT.NYC 2022 and immediately was intrigued by his project combining his two passions, kpop and basketball! Subsequently, I offered to have him be a guest speaker at our live webinar 2 days later and he agreed, showed up and crushed it! (Below is the interview) is “The World’s First Fantasy KPOP Basketball League, Gamified”!! Mind Blown! So, how did all of this start Takayoshi? “It all started with a thought in my head: What if my favorite K-pop idols played a game of basketball? This was early 2019. I was into 3 K-pop girl groups then: Twice (9 members), Red Velvet (5 members), and Blackpink (4 members). Anyone who’s into K-pop knows that those were the three biggest K-pop girl groups at the time. I tried to envision what it would be like if Twice (as a 9-person team) and Blackvelvet (combining Blackpink and Red Velvet as another 9-person team) played each other in a game of basketball.” And thus, kpopbasketball was born! Takayoshi created an algorithm to simulate an entire season like the NBA and launched quietly in July of 2020. Since then Takayoshi has been diligently working on developing this fantasy league as a 1 man show, with kpop basketball player NFTs to be released this weekend on August 6th! I absolutely give credit when credit is due and the facts are that he created a really fun league based on his two passions, learned about blockchain, algorithms and code and turned it into a NFT project ALL BY HIMSELF = admirable AF!! After I interviewed him, I immediately signed up for a kpopbasketball team and have participated in a couple of games and I absolutely recommend you do the same! I have learned that there are LOTS of individuals out there who share the same 2 passions and can see this league being popularized worldwide! Get whitelisted now, so that you are guaranteed NFTs this weekend(Mint Price .025 ETH), check out his project Roadmap on Twitter and I’ll see you on the kpopbasketball court, first tournament is September 3, 2022!! Last, tune into Twitter Spaces on Thursday, August 4th at 6pm EST for an AMA with Takayoshi, hosted by yours truly!

JOIN kpopbasketball’s whitelist via Discord, first NFT drop August 6th!




Here is LeDrop WithCheese's interview with Takayoshi during NFT.NYC 2022:

Read Takayoshi’s full story about kpopbasketball, featured on The Innovators Tribune!

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