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Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Live la vida loca, party like it's 1999, jump in your friends’ Geo Tracker and head on over to Dave and Buster’s! Dig out your Kangol hat, favorite Ed Hardy/Abercrombie & Fitch top and Juicy Couture booty sweats/Girbaud Jeans and Running Man yourself to your nearest D&B (140 locations in the US and Canada) to win NFT coins and cards that you can acquire, trade and resell via the Sweet App! I have not been this excited to go to a Dave & Buster’s since 1999 and now, the excitement is BACK BABY! To start their new Digital Prize program tomorrow, June 23rd, Dave & Buster’s will hold a public auction for their Supes Rare(1/1) NFT D&B Game Coin, with proceeds going to Make-A-Wish Foundation. (link to bid below) I am truly looking forward to this digital prize program, ESPECIALLY since they partnered with Sweet, but I just hope collecting the NFTs are accessible without hundreds of dollars worth of play. But, I will see you at Dave & Buster’s tomorrow for those early bird NFTs collectibles and this is also an exceptional opportunity for #DrunkBuyersClub!

Trivia question: What year did the first Dave & Buster’s open?

Answer: Zoom in on the image of the coin.

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