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DOJA! In my best Nikki Minaj voice. Starting tomorrow, DOJA CAT will officially be EARTH HOT and META HOT! DOJA CAT is not only having her FIRST NFT DROP TOMORROW, but also launching her OWN NFT MARKETPLACE called Juicy Drops(1st Female to do so). Look, I don’t care if she named her own marketplace DOJA’s NFT DOJO 4 DODO’s or DOJACAT’s NiFTYCRAP, I am prioritizing getting over to her NFT Drop tomorrow! Her #nftdrop will feature a metallic DOJA image, a bunch of 3D graphics that will move and even DOJA CAT’s cat gets their own NFT. Can you imagine how much DOJA’s cat’s NFT would rake in, if her cat was named DOJA?!?! (sorry, her cat’s name is Raymus) I’m not even going to think about her cat’s NFT making more than any of mine ever will, that is not the point of this. Second important thing to know, there will be different price points and quantities for all of us little guys out there, that are looking for a cool NFT for like, under .04ETH ($100)hopefully, and I have a feeling this #NFTdrop by DOJA CAT will deliver!

If you do not know who DOJACAT is, do not feel embarrassed.

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