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Do you find yourself purchasing the best art on Hic Et Nunc (HEN) after a couple, two, three cocktails? Do you enjoy waking up to special surprise art pieces that you bought last night and can be excited about twice? Then, DRUNK BUYERS CLUB (HEN edition) is the right place for you! And, for the low, low price of 0.25 Tezos, you can own and display this “OFFICIAL MEMBER” NFT in your HEN Collection and join in on sharing your blurry Art purchases using the hashtags #drunkbuyersclub and #drunkHENart and there will be regular incentives to all members!! Think FREE NFTs that are actually worth something from artists much better than me, free merchandise and more!

The initial offering for version 1 of the OFFICIAL MEMBER NFT will have 500 editions for only 0.25 Tezos and any unsold editions will be burned on June 30, 2021. A special promotional #NFTgiveaway will take place on July 2nd, 2021 to the first 100 individuals who purchase the OFFICIAL MEMBER NFT starting right now!


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