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One thing I can confidently say about this global superstar DJ = FLOSSTRADAMUS HITS HARD and LeDrop-y Like-y! The same can be said for his 1 remaining NFT art piece and this rare HURRY UP AND BUY RECOMMENDATION to own a “Nifty-Marketplace-Quality” NFT for $4.20 USD, from a big-time, international DJ, that somehow still has 80+ pieces available out of 420. So get this, he offered 420 copies of “2021 A Vape Odyssey” for only $4.20, on the actual time 4:20pm, the day before 4/20. Yes, Mr. Curt Flosstradamus(his real first name and also probably how I would address him in a business meeting), we get the 4/20 message, we love the David Bowie name reference, we appreciate you for real, and we are all going to purchase the remaining Meta Hot editions of your art for dirt cheap right now on Rarible! If you’re worried about paying too much in gas fees right now, don’t, because they are relatively cheap and if you buy 2-3 copies of this edition, the gas fees are still the same!


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