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For $11,318.70 (incl. service fee of 2.5%), you can meet Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and own a couple of his sweaty #NFT’s and there are still 10 left out of 50! The man who celebrates himself harder than any other professional athlete ever in the history of sports(It's a fact. Look it up. Online), wants to make $500,000 USD off his fans for a quick meet and greet and literally a couple of NFTs where he will look sweaty AF(see pic). You know, Floyd “MONEY” Mayweather of TMT or THE MONEY TEAM needs more MONEY from us. That said, head over to #Rarible and check out his first #NFTdrop named, 'All Work Is Easy Work', which celebrates Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s undefeated 50-0 Record in a grandiose nauseous choppy fashion. It’s kind of cool at first, but I bet you that you can not watch it 5 times in a row without achieving motion sickness! Now, let’s all put our hands together extremely slowly and give an unimpressive clap while we roll our eyes for Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr.’s NFT drop. yay.

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