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I had to think twice about covering a GODZILLA vs. KONG #NFTDrop, considering these are both fictional characters, but then I realized that I would be mad at myself if I did not tell you to absolutely check it out. This drop is available on Terra Virtua, a UK based company that has deals with Paramount, Legendary, etc. and they refer to themselves as “the world’s first immersive digital collectible platform”. Once you take a minute to look at the 3DA items (a term on their site referring to a collectible being 3D and also Animated) currently for sale in the Godzilla vs. Kong section, you will see that they are pretty, pretty, pretty good! In my best Larry David voice. The magnitude of the Godzilla Atomic Roar that they capture is fascinating! (And I own one of the 500 made - still plenty left, I’m not greedy) They also have a Fancave and Terra Dome where you can show off your collectible items and use them in games! Last, bookmark their drop schedule because this under-utilized platform is about to take off!


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