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Heartstopworkshop | FRESH CHEESE #6

“CONFORMING IS BORING” says Heartstopworkshop, our featured FRESH CHEESE artist of the week! I was browsing art one night, after a couple two tree cocktails (#DrunkBuyersClub) and I saw a couple of PHENOMENAL pieces from the same artist and I felt it was imperative to contact this talented artist immediately, regardless of time or message quality. SO, at 12:31am EST, I DM’d and said, “Your art is HOT AF.” And then I realized I needed to ask nicely, so I then said, “May I please feature you on Fresh Cheese soon?”. Today, I present to you the amazing artist, heartshopworkshop! He goes by the name Manny F. Station and describes himself on Rarible as, “Digital artist, nft creator, crypto creative, vj, music lover, blockchain bound, cool dude all around.” AND he is a poet and don’t know it. The very moment you view Heartstopworkshop’s website, you are immediately transported to a colorful world of META HOT moving artwork, made to feel from different sci-fi universes and it is BAD ASS!! ALL of his works are UNIQUE, 1 of 1, special pieces. A couple that I REALLY LOVE are “Satoshi Skull” (Featured Pic - currently on auction-Rarible), and a Non Fungible Tiger that is priced at ONLY .001 ETH(buy now on OpenSea)! Heartstopworkshop has 17 NFTs on OpenSea and 4 on Rarible. In addition, Heartstopworkshop is a featured artist on a new NFT platform called XOAA, so check him out there and also AirNFT! If you buy a piece of his art, he wants you to know that you will own a piece of his dreams. Well, I’m sold and love this artists’ work! Now, go buy something from him, please?



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