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If you are unfamiliar with brand I-Create, now is the time to familiarize yourself! I-Create is a 1 artist show, Steve Campanella, who started this digital business in 1996 and still operates the same way to this day. With big name clients like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Box Lunch, Casino Games and Tom Mizzone’s personal favorite store Hot Topic, I-Create is EVERYWHERE with over +20,000 digital assets and has NFTs on 3 platforms to include, Digitalax, SJCrypto and Sweet. I could discuss the achievements of this artist all day, but let’s talk about some of his BAD ASS NFT’s (cards & coins) currently for sale on Sweet. I-Create just dropped 5 NEW NFT’s on Sweet yesterday, all related to French Fries(see pic), and who the hell doesn’t love French Fries?!? (starting at $2.99 ONLY!) Also, available are the Pride Peace Coin (released 5/28/21 for Pride month), Cannabis Coins(284 left)#DrunkBuyersClub, Dead Emojis, Skulls and so much more, but GO NOW, because his NFTs SELL OUT QUICKLY! I-Create has a REALLY COOL Card NFT for only $2.99 (410 left) named Roadside Screamers, which was the very first NFT to give me the chills with its loud, group-yelling shrill sound and almost made me SLP my pants! (tech joke) If you are more fashion forward, check out his Fashion NFTs in partner with Digital Fashion brand Digitalax. If that doesn’t sound like enough for you, I-Create also brands some of his NFTs with domain names like and for Sweet and i-Create and he even has his own wallets too with: and You have probably seen or maybe even own some of brand I-Create’s work and never knew it till just now. Well, Steve, we appreciate your massive library of digital assets and Cheers to another 25 years! Please? We need more of your NFTs!!


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