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ifeelslick | FRESH CHEESE #9

This week’s super talented Fresh Cheese artist hails from South Africa and it is with great pleasure that I present to you ifeelslick™!! ifeelslick is the first Fresh Cheese artist to have a trademarked name, so you know this guy is the Big Cheese folks! And he wants you to be a part of his creation, the @LittleShitsClub - their tagline is, Don't take life too serious, be a Little Shit sometimes!!” LOVE IT! The Little Shits Club is a collection of 100+ very colorful and unique digital little shit collectibles available to purchase on OpenSea, priced at .1 ETH. This also has to be my personal favorite Lynkfire Tree I have seen so far, with its extremely vibrant colors and options such as, “Insta That Shit” and “Discord That Shit”! I met this artist browsing Hic Et Nunc, came across lots of his amazing pieces, so I literally messaged him, “WOOOOWWW!! LOVE YOUR STUFF”, and proceeded to say that the Bored AF Boat he created was “HOTTT AF” and now I own 7 of them(because ifeelslick is a bad ass)! Ifeelslick has a distinct, bright and colorful style that is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and you will thank me later, once you start browsing this super impressive and massive collection of artwork! Ifeelslick also just released some new NFTs on OpenSea that he is especially excited about that he created with Blender and Illustration. You can find ifeelslick NFTs on so many platforms to including Rarible, Kalamint, Mintable, Enter.Art and more! Check out ifeelslick’s work now and buy something!


VIEW ifeelslick’s NFTs

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