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Intro to Blockchain & NFTs 101 hosted by LeDrop WithCheese on 6/9/2021

Come hang with us tomorrow at 11am cst for Junverse’s Speaker Series as Joey Dunne aka LeDrop WithCheese takes us through Intro to Blockchain and NFTs 101! To begin our webinar tomorrow, we have a special guest, Dario Zanichelli, President of Chicagoland CPA’s discussing the World’s Top Accounting Firm now accepting $SHIB as payment, plus 2 more recent metaverse news articles! All attendees will be awarded 3 NFTs from 3 different platforms!(FREE NFT LINKS BELOW) A very special thank you to Dario and Chicagoland CPA’s for sponsoring tomorrow’s episode! Here is the content for tomorrow’s webinar:

Intro to Blockchain, NFTs & The Metaverse - broad stroke overview of Blockchain technology, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Metaverse explanation, educational references

NFT Use Cases - big brand, celebrity/athlete and business use cases of NFTs

Metaverse Nomenclatures - defining the unique terms utilized by the community

Who is the NFT Community? - interpretative opinion on individuals/groups part of the worldwide Metaverse community mission

NFT Investment Recommendations - vetted NFT projects to invest in

Here are the 3 News topics discussion w/Dario Zanichelli:


Here are 3 FREE NFTs currently available to you, that I also own!

Artist Gabriel Moskolis is offering one of his artworks as an NFT, “Trust the Madness- Accepting life's challenges and defining success generated this motto. Stop the excuses and Trust the Madness!” Available on the Fanaply platform, which also has collections from Death Row Records, The Kentucky Derby and LeDropWithCheese!

Alien Worlds is an NFT Metaverse where you can play with unique digital items (NFTs). Download a WAX wallet, connect to Alien Worlds and you will receive 2 free NFTs!

The last free NFT is minted on the OneOf platform, a Tezos marketplace and you will receive this when you sign up for an account. OneOf also has collections from sports legends like Nolan Ryan, Emmit Smith, as well as music artists like G-Eazy, TLC and Pitbull-coming soon!


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