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When I first heard that there were going to be JAMES BOND NFTs released in conjunction with the latest installment named “No Time To Die”, I WAS PUMPED AF!! And then Universal decided to release the NFTs on Veve. FML. If you want a James Bond NFT, they are only available on the secondary market on the APP ONLY NFT platform named Veve. If you have read my previous reviews about any release Veve has had in the past, you know that this was going to sell out fast, Veve will accept your payment and then you have to compete before their AR NFTs sell out and will most likely end up with OMI tokens for future use on Veve, that you will just buy something you don’t really want, but feel that the tokens are better off invested in some kind of AR NFT instead of omi tokens. But, I digress, the NFTs themselves are REALLY COOL and a good start to a James Bond collection. So, Mr. Bond and Universal, it is very wise to get in the NFT game, especially with AR NFTs but maybelaunch some NFTs on other marketplaces too? I’m optimistic for the James Bond Veve collection, but this iconic brand deserves full metaverse integration!



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