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James Harden has an #NFTdrop happening today on Tom Brady’s NFT platform and there is no good reason for you to buy one. James Harden actually never even utters or mentions the word NFT on his entire twitter account, nor his promo video for Autograph. Although he changed his profile pic to the 1/1 auction NFT that someone else will own shortly and will be part of his apathetic, cash grab, waste of blockchain NFTdrop. And get this, normally Autograph’s standard drop format is releasing 16,600 Mystery Boxes of NFTs that later reveal your tiered NFT, but for the championless, flop king, they are only offering 2,000 editions of 1 NFT called “Untouchable” for $100 each (see image) and that auction one I mentioned before. What that says to me, is that even doesnt think that James Harden can sell 1/8th of their standard drop. DAMN!! The utility behind this NFT drop is that you have a sliver of a percentage chance to win some autographed items from Harden and are a serious collector of NFTs on the Autograph platform. No thanks brah.

What I want from a James Harden NFT collection is a series of his absolute fakest flops throughout his NBA career, sprinkled with record setting highlights like, “James Harden sets NBA Single-Game Playoff Record with13 turnovers.”. It’s time to embrace your loveable loser image James, it’s who you are.(James Harden has won 0 NBA Championships in his career. If you don’t know what I am talking about, click here for a James Harden flop video.)

So, my advice to you NFT Collectors, is to spend the $100 you would have spent on the upcoming Michael Jordan NFT drop on XRP, a true NBA champion!!


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