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Japi Honoo | FRESH CHEESE #7

After a brief 1 week hiatus from Fresh Cheese, it is with great honor that I present this week’s featured artist, Japi Honoo, a self described artist, photographer and poetess. "Art is lack. And I need to fill it with an obsessive, sensual, dense, obscene passion, until it reflects what burns within me." says Japi Honoo, like a boss! When you visit her website, ( you are initially greeted with a strikingly beautiful black and white image from her collection LINES, which is a collection of works “born from a beautiful and maddening fantasy surrounding her desire to love.” Weeks ago, I really wanted one of her gorgeous hot pink LINES collection pieces on HEN and I couldn’t figure it out, so I just sent her some Tez and let her know that. Japi Honoo was sooo patient with me, help me set everything up with a Temple wallet and even transferred me 1 additional artwork as a thanks for the future feature on Fresh Cheese! Japi is another excellent example of why this community is absolutely the best! Japi Honoo has an illustrious career as an artist, with worldwide art shows, magazine covers and features and also launched a new project, @komachidama, which has garnered 400 new followers on Twitter in just 1 month. “I'm Komachidama and I'm good with lines and minimalism in 3 colors (black, red, white) in my new vision of Japanese Ukiyo-e art and I adore the way I capture emotion in pieces that tell the female story.” Japi’s work can be found on OpenSea, HEN, Foundation, Showtime and Redbubble. If you are looking to own a tangible item from this worldwide phenom of an artist, Japi Honoo also has a merch store with some amazing prints, posters, hoodies, stickers and more! Thank you for all that you have done so far and applaud you for your work Japi!

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