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Napoleon Dynamite might not have any nunchuck, bow hunting or computer hacking skills, but he got dem NFT skills!! Jon Heder, probably best known for his role as “Napoleon Dynamite” is the creative director for “The Order of the Tigons’, a generative PFP NFT collection of 7,777 Tigons dropping tomorrow! Let me first just say that I am a HUGE Napoleon Dynamite & Jon Heder fan and am PUMPED for this NFTdrop! The first group of 777 Tigons will be minted on the Theta Blockchain on their marketplace called ThetaDrop tomorrow at 4pm EST, with the remaining Tigons available 2 weeks later for $199.00 each(5% discount if you purchase TFUEL tokens to purchase) and they are delivered in a Tigon Cat Box container. Ownership of one or more Tigons includes Membership into the Tigon Sanctuary which provides access to a community of like-minded individuals that gather online and in the MetaVerse worlds to compete in virtual scavenger hunts for the elusive rare Special Tigons and physical prizes. Owners of 10+ Tigons also receive special membership incentives in the community. ThetaDrop Marketplace is positioned as “NFT + Digital Assets Reinvented: fast, cheap, green and powered by the THETA Network” and you can also purchase NFTs with just your credit card, super easy barrier for entry into collecting NFTs! Forbes also covered this coveted Tigon NFT drop and discussed Jon Heder’s love for hybrid animals and his creation of the original sketches in the Napoleon Dynamite movie, super bad ass Jon!! On the ThetaDrop Marketplace, you can also get a Katy Perry NFT called “Ignite the Light” (edition of 6,189) for as low as $10 right now (drop price was $25 on her original NFT drop date 12/15/21. Other notable NFT drops on the Theta Blockchain Marketplace are: World Poker Tour, FuseTV, Mena Massoud, BitBoy, ThetaTV and more! My only critique is that the Tigon community should have it’s own cryptocurrency called, “TOTS”, I mean, who wouldn’t want to purchase some of Napoleon’s tots??

Lastly, welcome to the Metaverse, Jon Heder, we are soooo happy to have you!! LFG!!!



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