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For just $1, you can celebrate your inner freak on a leash by entering KORN’s NFT Raffle today at 6pm EST! KORN has teamed up with Dreamonaut to create their first NFT Collection named Monument. KORN X Dreamonaut’s NFT drop consists of 5 different NTFs(2 videos and 3 PNGs), available on MakersPlace starting today at 6pm EST. Let’s just pretend for a minute that you have never heard of KORN or Dreamonaunt. All you need to know is that Monument I is a SUPER BAD ASS NFT YO!! IT ROCKS HARD, I like to rock hard and if you win this auction piece, you receive 2 tickets to KORN’s upcoming show of your choice! And the rest of the Monument Collection is pretty awesome too!

Here is the breakdown of the 5 NFTs:

Monument I = 1/1 Auction NFT

Monument II = 10 Editions, $750 each

Monument III = 20 Editions, $250 each

Monument IV = Open Editions(limited), $100 each (SEE PIC)

Monument V = 10 Editions, $1 raffle

Dig out your black KORN T-Shirt (aren’t you glad you saved it?!?) and head over to MakersPlace NFT Platform at 6pm EST today and enter the $1 KORN NFT raffle, take a look around and purchase one of the editions if you have the means! If you are a new user to MakersPlace, they require verification steps, which take about 10 minutes, so show up early to the drop and allow yourself, to verify, yourself. Enjoy and Rock out with your Art out!!


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