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I know this is going to come as an enormous surprise to you, but Nifty Gateway has an EDM artist collaborating with a 3D Artist to drop NFTs that are futuristic and clubby, later today. This time, the EDM artist is KREWELLA and they hail from Northbrook, IL, which is just 20 minutes away from where I grew up on the north side of Chicago. So, like duh, I’m absolutely going to tell you to check them out, but only if it is worth our time, of course. Here is what Nifty says about their NFTdrop: “This series is made of 4 digital sculptures, a visual interpretation of Krewella’s amazing music. All 4 pieces live in the same world, combining organic, real, feminine with digital, artificial and futuristic.” The art pieces are super futuristic with a great original soundtrack to enjoy in your own personal metaverse. There will be 9,999 open editions for $404.00 each, which I feel is a bit high, considering EMINEM’s were $313, but they will increase in value over time. I like taking my chances in their drawing for this piece: “DOUBLE EDGED SWORD” - featured in the pic, is available via drawing for only $99. So, let’s head over to Nifty Gateway and see if we can be one of the lucky winners in the drawing, because $99 for this NFT is a STEAL!


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