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LeDrop named MC of Move The Needle Experiences Volume 6 on 1/15/22

I am truly honored to be chosen by@movetheneedlellc and @jayespi to be the Master of Ceremonies for Move The Needle Experiences Volume 6!! The speaker panel for this event is quite impressive and I am pumped to listen to their inspirational words! I had to pleasure of meeting @jayespi ar an event @CSTMHAUS during NFT.NYC in November and was absolutely fascinated by the vast range of events they were hosting and am sooo excited for this Saturday’s event covering the Metaverse, NFTs and Web3!! I will be ensuring every attendant will be acquiring a couple free NFTs, gifting lots from my personal NFT collection and answering any and all NFT related questions throughout the day!

Feel free to comment with any good NFT or Metaverse jokes I can use for the event and Ill even give credit to you, if I end up using it! LFG!!

🌮🥃Food - booze - food trucks included.

There are still some tickets available here:

Here is additional information about the event, written by @jayespi:

🪡 @movetheneedlellc is proud to host our next experience Vol 6: NFTs, web3 & the Metaverse. Back at it again with another incredible event for you all focused on PROSPERITY - POSSIBILITY - PRESENCE.

You’ve heard about it the last few months, maybe got some for Xmas - money raining on participants and what is it? A jpeg 🙃

Our agenda is a fun immersive one and we’ll introduce panelists, artists, creators and sponsors all week :

🦸‍♂️ 🦸‍♀️

With that - FINAL ROLL CALL of my SUPERHERO friends 1 time

@ledropwithcheese the MC Celebrity NFY Blogger

Ms @carrieableart OG of the Metaverse (feel like I’ve heard that word come up recently)

My bro @iamalexeick repping the @thesungens sharing his experience in this space for the last few years

@marisabrooke of @fiercestudiosnft sharing the wonderful fusion they’ve created between fashion and nfts w some BIG partners

My 2 bros CHASM AND SYNCBONDS (no ig they play in Twitter) talking red flags 🚩 and NFT liquidity 💰

@beyuworldwide sharing insights on building community - he’s been building community in Jersey City for years (happy to have you)

And @jayespi your host talking about some best practices from some major communities he’s landed in by accident and how they grew (yeah - we’ll take it though)

Come one come all - stay home and livestream. No excuses for not putting yourself on 👾 (game).

🧠 🫂 You’ll leave this space w/ 3-10x value in knowledge, relationships and community!

✅ BASICS - what’s an nft? What’s web3? The metaverse?

✅ MONETIZATION - how does one make money? Where’s the business come from?

✅ DAOs and Community Building - the value and importance of community in web3 and how to start or strengthen one

✅ GET STARTED - acquire your first nft, mint or create your first one ; you’ll leave with a POAP and some lucky attendees will win free NFTs that carry some nice value.

In any case, we’ll be spotlighting our distinguished and gracious panelists these next few days so you can learn why you gotta be here and what they’re going to bless us with. Doing this before we start featuring our artists and creators next week cuz 🥁…WE’RE LAUNCHING A REAL LIFE NFT GALLERY

1️⃣Intro to NFTs and web3 : what’s the hype and why you’ll be ahead of 90% of the population by showing up on the 15th and learning what’s coming at us fast

2️⃣ Financial Opportunities in the Space: have one of your friends ‘flipped’ an nft or a few and cleared their student loans, get paid on your art, or turn on liquidity from your nft collection - we’ve got you covered on the new 💰🌊

3️⃣ If you’re new to all of this, remember COMMUNITY ; that’s what it takes to fare well in this new web3 economy. We’ll talk best practices in starting, growing or knowing a healthy community when you see one.

4️⃣ Get started; we’re not doing all this without getting you involved. If it’s your first time, you’ll probably leave with an NFT of your own 👀; all you need to create, mint or acquire your first NFT and embark on the web3 journey!!!

👁Our vision is for you to leave here understanding this space but most importantly understanding a major opportunity for generational wealth creation.

🎤Your host @jayespi and mc @ledropwithcheese will take you through an immersive experience navigating this new frontier.

🌮🥃Food - booze - food trucks included.

🙏🏽Come meet, mingle, network and receive abundance in the form of surprises you’re not going to want to miss out.

💻Livestream/virtual tickets are available with giveaway opportunities as well!

🎟 Get your tickets today - may win you an NFT 🤷🏽‍♂️

TIX still avail for a life changing event, yes a life changing event. I know I know I’m a great marketer but I also mean what I say (part of the 4 agreements ya dig)

All this abundance, showing up is the 🔑 for your blessings.

If you’re reading this, you’re blessed and highly favored!

Lastly, peep the stories for a discount code that can also be used with the Early Bird pricing ending this year on 12/31 🤌🏽

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