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LeDrop on NFT Today, today

Hey frens, I was a guest on NFT Today, today and here is my last quote from the episode:

“We are the best community(NFT) out there, because this industry is in it’s infancy, we get to determine how great this community is going to be…everyone is excited, it’s not easy to comprehend, so it lends itself to a more intelligible person inherently…So come join us, we would love to have you!!” -LeDropWithCheese

Thank you to Jonathan Rorech & for having me on your show! LFG!!

Mentioned in this episode: @garyvee @veefriends @SHAQ @floydmayweather @finkd @redbullracing @uplandme @sweet @opensea @niftygateway @autograph

Distributed on: @Roku @AppleTV @AmazonFireTV

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