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LeDrop speaks at BCIE on March 6, 2024

I am not a financial advisor, I just like blockchains . Thank you so much to BCIE and Anette for having me!

What is an NFT?

A contract between a creator and an end user. Eventually, NFTs will be used in all businesses in everyday life.

NFT use cases

Physical Assets

How do you determine which NFT projects to purchase?

Founding Team


Road Map




Legitimate Artist

Legitimate Digital Collectibles -Comic books, trading cards



When: February 2022 - Current

Where: FLOW Blockchain 

Founding Team - Dapper Labs -

Road Map


Interoperability - Flowverse

What: Selected participants will be able to engage in Starbucks Odyssey ‘Journeys’ which are a series of entertaining, interactive activities to earn collectible ‘Journey Stamps’ (NFTs) and Odyssey Points that will unlock access to exciting new benefits and experiences

When: December 2022 - Current

Where: Nifty Gateway on Polygon

An airdrop is a distribution of a cryptocurrency or token to a large number of wallet addresses for free


What: Pixels is building a platform where users can build games that natively integrate digital collectibles.

When; Game is live now, P2E launch soon

Why Care:

    History repeats itself - Axie Infinity

      Do not need to play the game to make money - (Sandbox & Decentraland)

      In-game token $BERRY up 446.2% past 30 days

Pixels is building a platform where users can build games that natively integrate digital collectibles.

What:Bitcoin Ordinals are the equivalent of non-fungible tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain using satoshis, the smallest denomination on the chain. Every satoshi is given a serial number based on the order in which it was mined.

When: January 2022

Where: Several Marketplaces

Bitcoin Maxi or Maximalist - people who believe that Bitcoin is the sole “true” cryptocurrency — and that every other form of crypto is worthless.

BTD - This acronym stands for buy the dip, which describes the investing approach of buying a crypto coin or NFT when it’s dropped in price.

DEX - Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are digital marketplaces, built directly on decentralized protocols, that don’t require a central authority to hold funds or match orders.

Degen - “Degen” is a shortened version of “degenerate,” meant to denote someone who hopes that a crypto project will succeed — without thinking about how that will occur. Degens are willing to purchase high amounts of currency in the hopes that it will rapidly increase in value.

Flippening - The flippening refers to a hypothetical situation where the value of Ethereum becomes higher than that of Bitcoin.

FUD - stands for fear, uncertainty and doubt. This specific acronym refers to the negative feelings that can spread rapidly in the broader crypto community. FUD can result in investors selling all of their holdings out of misplaced fear, which in turn leads to quicker price drops.

LFG - Let’s F#*king Go!!!!!

WAGMI - WAGMI stands for "We’re all gonna make it." This slang is mainly used by investors who want to become rich after making a crypto investment.

WEN - when

Joey Dunne 

LeDrop WithCheese

773-491- 9487


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