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LeDrop WithCheese acknowledged in Dr. Mark van Rijmenam's book, "Step into the Metaverse"

Dr Mark van Rijmenam recently authored:“Step into the Metaverse: How the Immersive Internet Will Unlock a Trillion-Dollar Social Economy”. Dr. Mark interviewed approximately 250 metaverse experts and tech visionaries, myself included, to create “Step into the Metaverse”. “Around ~250 stakeholders involved in building the open #metaverse contributed their thoughts and ideas to the book. The book is meant to be a blueprint for creating an open metaverse.” - Dr. Mark van Rijmenam

I had the pleasure of virtually meeting Dr. Mark van Rijmenam via ZOOM back on my mother’s birthday, December 14, 2021 and we spoke for approximately 30 minutes about all things Metaverse! My most vivid recollection of this conversation was when he asked me, “What is the Metaverse, in your words?” To which I replied, “The Metaverse is an endless blue ocean, with enough room for everyone to build.” That phrase, “An Endless Blue Ocean” is now a subheading in Chapter 1 of his most recent book, “Step into the Metaverse”! I was acknowledged in the book by the name most people know me as, Joey Dunne, on page 187, along with just 75 other individuals who also interviewed directly with Dr. Mark! My mother, rest in peace, would be proud and I am ecstatic to be part of such an informative and well-written educational book about the industry I curated a career in!

Shortly after I received and read the physical copy of this book, Dr. Mark asked me to write a review, and because I am all about #WAGMI, I wrote one right away:

“I am so honored to be acknowledged in this legendary book and just received my physical copy! The Metaverse is an endless blue ocean and Dr Mark van Rijmenam did such an amazing job deciphering so much information to describe an accurate depiction of current/future Metaverse! This book is great for entry level Metaverse discovery, as well as advanced Web3 experts. The Metaverse is a very complicated web of information and this book does an absolutely fantastic job of categorizing and informing the reader about all of the complexities! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book!

Well done Dr. Mark!!

So, everyone go buy it now please!”

Dr. Mark van Rijmenam is known as a Future Tech Strategist, The Digital Speaker, The Metaverse Speaker and a 4x Author & Entrepreneur.

Connect with Dr. Mark on LinkedIn here:

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