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MY NFTdrop is LIVE on Fanaply!! If you have not heard of Fanaply, they are an NFT marketplace that offers “eco-friendly NFTs from the biggest names in music, sports, and entertainment.” They currently have NFTs from Death Row Records, Churchill Downs, Niall Horan, NASCAR drivers and now LeDrop WIthCheese is in da house!!! I am truly honored!

My drop features 1 auction item, my very first LeDropWithCheese logo created by me!

“My logo originated from me wanting you to free your inner rage, light a virtual man-ponytail on fire, buckle up, then douse the pony tail with water, shred some parm on John, and enjoy the cheese dripping all over our celebrity NFTdrop opinions blog!” -LeDropWithCheese

Additional items include 3 collabo phygital NFTs with renowned Chicago graffiti artist TEEL ONE to create the most bad ass “Let’s Fucking Gooooo”, “#wagmi and “LFG” NFTs on the planet! The owners of these NFTs will receive their design printed on a t-shirt, shipped to you! There are 10 editions of each phygital NFT for $100 each.

Artist: TEEL ONE @teelpaints

Voice: @LeDropWithCheese

Scratch DJ: @dadmakesbeats

I also have a funny but painful video NFT moment to collect when Zach Follett, nicknamed “Pain Train” had not tackled anyone in months in the NFL and promised he would “take it easy” on tackling me for this marketing video, but HE DID NOT! There are 10 editions for $20 each.

Last, but definitely not least and definitely overdue to mint(Sorry Lucky Lucy!), is my bored artist #009 artist card. Each of the 10K Bored Artists is an artist created NFT from over 1000 possible traits, including expression, headwear, clothing, and more. More info here:

My NFT collection will continue to grow on the Fanaply platform with some original artwork from yours truly and an NFT that will ship you my LED meta-glasses! Stay tuned!

Special thank you to Andrew at Fanaply for all his expertise and positive support and also TEEL ONE who encouraged me and also collaborated with me to NFTdrop on Fanaply! Now go buy one of my NFTs here:


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