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The very first footage of my arrival to the Metaverse with my cheese wedge, wearing my #cryptopunk outfit and META HOT glasses, is my FIRST NFT(6-second gif) and #NFTdrop happening right now at Hic Et Nunc(decentralized digital asset marketplace run on Tezos)! My appropriately named #NFT, “Metaverse Arrival” immortalizes me on the blockchain in the Metaverse and stuff, so please go buy one for ONLY 2 Tezos(100 editions)! Hey, YOU, remember on April 30th when lil’ ol’ LeDrop said that Lewis Capaldi’s NFTdrop was Meta Hot and you should buy MATIC when it was $0.86 and his NFTs were only $45? Well, MATIC is currently $1.56/each(hit 52 week high of $2.68 on May 17) AND, the cheapest Capaldi NFT Bronze Card is .2 ETH, so your $45 card has a current market value of $500. For these two reasons and the additional reason of “FUCK ETH GAS FEES” are why I would like to politely ask you to own one of my first NFTs. There will be more to come down the road(you might only remember my first time), but Tezos is a currency of the future, it is LOW right now and I put my life on the line to get out here in this Metaverse to give you the most honest NFTdrop Reviews!

P.S. You would give yourself a META HOT rating too and you know it and download the Temple wallet first.

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