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One statement I never thought I would find myself saying in life, especially with such legitimate conviction, is that I totally agree that Lewis Capaldi’s #NFTdrop is a “Big Fat Sexy Card Collectible Experience”! I will keep this brief so you can go explore how fully dynamic this NFTdrop truly is, instead of hear me go on about how big, fat and sexy it is, but I will say a few quick things, because I am PUMPED for this drop! Lewis Capaldi is releasing a bunch of really sleek and cartoon Lewis trading cards on different tiers, that all come with benefits that are OUTSTANDING, including the entry level Bronze card, that starts at only $45 (1,800 avail)! Some benefits included for even just a $45 Bronze level card are, access to the digital vault, staking rewards in the Chain Guardians game(mine your cards), chances to win a vinyl press testing and guest line pass for headliner show AND if you collect all 6 Bronze and you “can win a share in a pool of 250,000 MATIC tokens worth up to $100,000.” Their article was not updated in the past week, because MATIC has been skyrocketing this past week as a result of their valuable scaling projects to bypass Ethereum. They are worth 1.5B and growing quickly still. (Side note, BUY MATIC on COINBASE NOW - my verified link is below) But I digress, the incentive pool to collect all 6 Bronze cards is not $100k, it is CURRENTLY $215,000(MATIC=$.86 each!!) Ok, I’m done, see you over at Capaldi’s British website at 1pm EST TODAY!


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