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Lil Jon has a NFTdrop happening right now. WHAT?! YEAH!!! Lil Jon in the NFT House yo!! Right this second, you can head over to OpenSea and bid on a Lil Jon Pimp Cup, or one of his 3 catch phrases, YEAH!!!, WHAT?! and OKAY!!! This NFT Drop fully encapsulates the uniquely awesome character we all know him and love him for. A couple of notable things about this #NFTdrop is that winning the bid on the Pimp Cup NFT also comes with a Physical Pimp Cup from Lil Jon’s personal collection! If you win the bid on his Very-Rare and Super-Rare NFTs, then you will receive an invite to party with Lil Jon Live! Bidding on one of his 37 NFTs starts at .05 ETH, but I have a feeling nothing will sell for less than .5ETH, and the Pimp Cup currently has the highest bid at 0.525 ETH. Really, the only thing missing from this drop is a Dave Chappelle dressed as Lil Jon NFT, but here’s to hoping it happens one day! If you have the loot, fill up your pimp cup with crunk juice and get you some Lil Jon NFTs!

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