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FETCH AF NFT DROP ALERT! Our girl, Lindsay Lohan, just quietly released 1 #NFT titled, “Thunder”(100 editions), yesterday afternoon on Rarible! The NFT itself is literally this picture and some lightning flashing across it, stemming from Lindsay’s head and lit up eyes in a Meta Hot fashion of course, duh!! The message of this NFT is that she wants you to let your thunder out. I’ll just leave that one there. So, you can place a low ball bid on the remaining 75/100 editions left as I post this article, but come on, just pony up the $484.62(.205 ETH all in) it will cost to BUY NOW! She promoted her last #NFTdrop offering $10,000 in ETH to buyers of her NFT. I have a feeling she plans to include something worthwhile for buyers of this new NFT, plus we all know it will be worth a lot more in the near future here. Also I guess because of the last time I wrote about a Lindsay Lohan NFTdrop on April 29th, she must have listened to me, as I stated: “(Lindsay) Please don’t abscond back to your greek palace before we see more NFTs, ideally one featuring a mean girls reference, please?” Well, no mean girls reference in this NFT, but we can all keep hoping! Just go to Rarible, click the first box on the top left of the homepage and buy one before they sell out!

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