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The man, the myth and the legend himself, Lionel Richie, is having a #nftdrop today, appropriately named “All Night Long” and it will have “iconic moments from Lionel’s career including art based on two never before published images and inspirational dialogue from the legend himself”(- As an avid Lionel Richie fan who has seen him live in 2017, I would love to see some NFTs look like 3D sparkly shoes or a meta image of him dancing around and even a 3D replica of just his hair from certain eras. But, one of the NFTs is the image used in the upcoming drop promo seen here, which is cool. One thing I have learned about the Marketplace, is that they are very non-specific typically when discussing upcoming drops. Rarely will they disclose quantities, pricing, previews of the NFTs, etc., but they have some amazing items you do not want to miss out on. Lionel Richie has sold over 125M records worldwide and is also known for delivering a show unlike anyone else to his fans. I am wholly optimistic about this NFT Drop today!


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