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Happy Fresh Cheese Wednesday everyone! I would be honored if you took a whimsical journey with me through the lifetime of magnificent art presented by Lucky Lucy Van Delft, with more than 1,100 pieces immortalized in NFT form, available for purchase on OpenSea! “One day when I’m dead and gone, the things I want to be remembered by is that I did my best, gave a shit and that I found a gun in Vermeer’s View of Delft.” -Lucky Lucy What she is referring by this 1900 ETH “museum discovery” piece displaying her epic find, is a gun in the hand of Pieter Claesz. van Ruijven, who has a Gun on Vermeer, in the original painting named “View of Delft”. She is now selling her NFTs documenting this priceless discovery, so no one else can say this before her, like a museum in the Netherlands soon here, when they dive into it, soon here. There is also a 9 card, trading card set she offers to commemorate her museum find on OpenSea(Only .01 ETH each). The 1900 ETH piece is available to bid on Rarible. Lucy states, “What I love about this especially, is that the gun can be scientifically proven at some point. Technology will reveal all mysteries in due time. I can not unsee the gun and hopefully neither can you.”

Lucky Lucy also happens to be a Meta Hot International Graffiti artist, global trekking photographer, and refuses to use the fancy version of Canva. Her latest NFT collection is comprised of new conceptual art that venues refuse to let her show, called Exhibition Themes and you need to check it out!(link below) Sales from Lucy’s NFTs will go towards a standalone interactive 3D Gallery so she can exhibit art restricted by traditional venues. Bravo, Lucy!!

One of my favorite NFT’s by Lucy is called Super Stereo Brothers and the music is an original track, “Neat” created by Lucy, also available on OpenSea. She also has an impressively massive photo library on Flickr, if you are looking for inspiration from this artistic magnate. You can also purchase some really cool prints and posters from her on her website below. Lastly, Thank you Lucy for your amazingly unique perspective and here’s to your discovery of monumental proportions!


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