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I have been waiting weeks to share this next artist with you and am excited to present this week’s Fresh Cheese Artist, MASHINE! This featured artist has been an artist her entire life and a traditional painter, but recently joined the NFT community in February and we THANK YOU for doing so! MASHINE currently resides in Switzerland and can be described as a digital collage NFT expert who utilizes bright colors, various finishes and digital materials/foods, high end fashion brands and some sexual innuendos to create absolute masterpieces! You can find her NFTs on multiple platforms (links below) ranging from her own self portrait (and portraits of other people - just ask her if you want one) to versions of “Crypto Jesus” to “sexy horse with Louis Vuitton legs shitting with diamonds” according to the artist. MASHINE was also recently interviewed by (link below) and sells out on HEN faster than I can pronounce Hic Et Nunc. I was browsing her work on Instagram and found this phenomenal Vaccine Fairy collage that MASHINE created, suggested that she list it on HEN and then she sold out in a couple of hours. The numbers don’t lie folks, go pick up a MASHINE NFT now!


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