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Can all 3 of the worldwide Milwaukee Bucks fans please pay attention? There are 3 whole NFTs available for Milwaukee Bucks fans that include tickets to games that you can bid on over at OpenSea. (3? watch out for these guys) The organization is celebrating the last time they won a championship in the NBA which was 50 years ago. With the Bucks on the precipice of another disappointing, early exit from the playoffs with the league’s MVP on their roster, the team scrounged together what I would refer to as an NFT drip (not drop because it’s weak AF) in attempt to squeeze out any loyal fan dollars as the obvious end of the season is looming just hours/days away. The NFTs themselves consist of 2 of the same old school ticket images and 1 image of the 1971 Championship banner which are lackluster at best. The only thing this organization did correctly, was assuming that 3 was the right number of NFTs to offer because they clearly know their fan base really well(plus 2 out of 3 items don’t even have an opening bid with receiving press). If you are looking for a standard operating procedure of “how not to launch an NFT drop”, head over to OpenSea and take a look at the Milwaukee Bucks NFT drip.


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