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New York Culture Club is a lifestyle & apparel brand founded by Brian Yurachek, touting the tagline, "Culture is Code". NYCC recognizes ownership as the ultimate utility and advocates for humanity by weaving creative, technological solutions with sustainable fashion. I had the pleasure of meeting Brian Yurachek through William Burns, III last year and I am fully onboard with his mission for New York Culture Club and beyond! Brian is a leader who has emerged with a unique vision and plan for making the world a better place. With his exceptional leadership skills, he has set the brand apart from others in the industry. NYCC’s creative and technological solutions are designed to promote a better and more equitable world for all. Now, we can all be a part of NYCC by purchasing their Member Pass on Rarible for $8 USD(.005ETH)! Some great utilities are included in this Member Pass such as forever discounts on NYCC's apparel and events, access to the community members and more. (Full list below)

I was fortunate to attend New York Culture Club's event on December 10, 2022 at G Gallery and it was truly a great time with amazingly talented people! Their next event is scheduled for April 14th, 2021 at G Gallery during NFT.NYC week and one you do not want to miss! Watch this video, as I take you through NYCC's December event:

New York Culture Club's Member Pass entitles you to the following:

15% off all participating NYCC products & services

15% off all participating NYCC events

Automatic whitelisting for future NYCC releases/drops

Community membership in a tech-forward, lifestyle & apparel brand

Access to the NYCC Telegram - hosting fashion events, sharing insights and facilitating collaborations

*Please see all applicable discount codes & links in the NFT's 'unlockable content.'

The price of this NFT, the utility included, the leadership and culture of NYCC makes this NFT Drop META HOT!! Plus, I actually like Brian and am pretty sure you will too! Last, I am not just writing this blog article about NYCC, but I am also a member, #3 Pass minted! #WAGMI

New York Culture Club's flagship product is a black sweatshirt with block lettered, "HIGH SCHOOL", embedded with a NFC chip, and was recently featured on BRAVO.

Brian Yurachek, founder of NYCC & LeDrop WithCheese @ G Gallery 2/7/23

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