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What do you do when you WIN your traditional Fantasy Football league and then the following year, you are no longer welcome in the League because your friends suck? Well, that is exactly what happened to me and honestly, I am GLAD at this point. My involuntary, communist-like removal from the league as the reigning champ, has made me re-evaluate the character and loyalty of "friends", what was actually in this fantasy league for me and realize, GOOD RIDDANCE! My team name, ChalupaBatmanForever, and image below will forever live on the blockchain and I went out as THE CHAMPION!

I have been playing fantasy football since 2003 and typically pay $100 to join a 12 man league that lasts 4+ months. What was anyone in our league really getting for this $100 investment/gamble? For me, it was a typically slim chance at winning(8.3%) and access to a community of friends and acquaintances that were too busy or just didn't give a fuck about facilitating a robust community for the duration of the league. I understand that the micro-cultures of each Fantasy Football League vary vastly with lots being legendary, but with the personalities in my league, we could have created an epic level league of engaged members and fun incentives/activities. This never happened and the community aspect of our league was cold, minimally-communicative, transactional and lackluster at best for years. Why was I continuing to do this? The answer was to be a part of something I was doing for years with friends and acquaintances and winning was not as important as belonging to something. This year's Fantasy Football season, I don't have to worry about attending a lame IRL draft that no one really wants to show up to, excessively bidding on players and apathetically participating in this league like everyone else for the whole NFL season. FREEDOM!

Instead I have purchased packs and player NFTs in 2 "NFT Fantasy Football Leagues" and am completely ready for both leagues with stacked teams, in my opinion. The first NFT fantasy league I joined this year was and the second was DraftKings Reignmakers Football. I would absolutely recommend joining both of these leagues, if you LOVE fantasy football and NFTs! Even if you don't care about Fantasy Football, you should claim a free pack of 6 cards from DraftKings Reignmakers, as they are all worth $$$! Here, I will explain my experience with these two platforms thus far.

I was fortunate to win a pack of Promo cards for NFTdraft on the JUNKIE platform and I immediately investigated the rules, scoring system, prize pools, variations from traditional leagues and players available for a few hours. I was instantly impressed by their format and started buying Season 1 and Season 2 cards that I found value in. NFTdraft player cards are anonymous, unlike DraftKings, but during game play, the cards will transform into the actual player. They have players listed as QB#1, QB#2, RB#1-3, WR#1-5, TE#1-3, DEF, K and DEF+K. This requires you to research teams' depth charts and assume that the player that is listed at WR#3 on a team's depth chart to actually fill that slot, leading up to each fantasy week. NFTdraft and DraftKings' cards both have rarity tiers, with scoring bonuses/incentives for playing your rare cards, so purchase some of those first! NFTdraft requires starting 10 players, whereas DraftKings requires starting 6 players. I would recommend staying away from purchasing any QB#2's, RB#3's, WR#5's, TE#3's because these players on a team's depth chart will accumulate little to no points and in NFTdraft, each player costs a certain amount of points to play, which is the big number on the top left of the player card. So, if you are confident in your research and LOVE players that are WR#3/4 or RB#2 (like Dallas), buy them asap and start them on your team! I personally purchased a MVP tiered WR#4 on Tampa Bay, because I know that Julio Jones is listed at the #4 of their depth chart and I believe he will perform well above the cost of playing him, most weeks this season! Think, "who has the lowest cost to play, with the highest potential output" and don't overlook Season 1 cards, as they will hold their value indefinitely! The cost for entry or to field a team is less than DraftKings, even though you start 4 less players. Getting a playable QB#1 on NFTdraft is around $1.50, with playable position players costing less. You can field a whole fantasy football team that you can take pride in for around $20 and you will need a WAX wallet. They have an active discord and lively community who are really excited for this season to start already, shit talking already commenced! Overall, you should absolutely field a team in this season's NFTdraft fantasy football league, with week 1 prizes totaling $10,000!

I first heard about DraftKings NFT Fantasy Football league last week when I saw a commercial about it, which created immediate intrigue! Their call-to-action during their commercial which states you will receive a free pack of 6 cards, had me hooked! Their players cards have the actual players and look pretty high end for sports NFTs! Just like any other NFT marketplace, demand dictates the price of each card available on the open market, which means the best players with the highest rarity, cost more to own. This is the same on both NFTdraft and DraftKings. However, the cost to purchase individual cards is higher on DraftKings, with a playable QB#1 starting around $5. When you sign up, you will receive 6 player NFTs, but the reality is that you will absolutely need to purchase more if you want to have a competitive team. DraftKings prize pools are all different and abundant, but your odds to win some of the prize pool money are much lower on DraftKings than NFTdraft, due to the end user participating total(DraftKings has way more users). For week 1, I have entered 2 contests on DraftKings, one of which is a Gary Vee contest with 1st place winning a VeeFriends NFT (1st edition)!! You can enter multiple contests, but not use any individual player cards for multiple contests, so if you want to enter 3 contests, you must own at least 18 player NFTs and their contests have different rarity requirements. DraftKings will give you 6 free NFTs to start, but fielding a respectable team will ultimately cost 2-4 times of what a team will cost you on NFTdraft. DraftKings also has a vibrant Discord community and social media interaction. I like their condensed lineup format of 6 players and there is no DEF or K requirement, but it may be beneficial some weeks to play a defensive player or kicker NFT. Go get your free pack from DraftKings and enter a lineup today!

In summation, JOIN NFT FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUES immediately! You will be awarded a community of vested individuals looking to smack talk and have fun with these leagues that you can communicate with at anytime! And you can buy the team you actually want, no weak in-person draft requirements and you can win WAY MORE than your fantasy football league can ever offer you for your research, diligence and hard work all season long! NFT Fantasy Football is here to stay and will eventually be the dominant way for the industry! My username for DraftKings is LeDropWithCheese and WAX wallet is the same. See you week 1, LFG!!!!!!

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