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NFT Speaker Series featuring Miggy Crypto!

Come hang with us today at 4pm CST for FinTank’s NFT Speaker Series featuring the one and only, Miggy Crypto! We have a brand new format for our webinar, where Miggy and I will be discussing 3 recent big news stories in the Metaverse, we will hear about what Miggy is working on ( and more!), as well as some projects he loves and all attendees will be awarded 3 NFTs from 3 different platforms!(FREE NFT LINKS BELOW) Last, there will be 10 minutes of Q&A with Miggy Crypto, so have some of your burning questions ready!

I met Miggy Crypto outside of the Shitcoin Conference Official Afterparty this past April, after a few libations as the midnight hour was approaching. We were both speakers at Shitcoin Conference earlier that day, this had already been a great day, and after talking to Miggy for 10 minutes, I was like, “bro, you should speak more often about our NFT industry” because he is soooo passionate about the Metaverse, extremely knowledgeable, an eloquent speaker and a true OG in the space! And, here we are a month and a half later and I am honored to present to you our very special guest speaker, Miggy Crypto!!

We are first discussing 3 relevant news topics today:

1. Sony announces metaverse push

2. Gamestop unveils crypto wallet and upcoming NFT platform

3. Celebrity NFTs leave investors financially crippled

Here are 3 FREE NFTs currently available to you, that I also own!

Global Producer, DJ and Dutchman Ferry Corsten offers a video commentary NFT from his collection called “What the F” and his NFT drop just went live today on RCRDSHP, which is a Dapper Labs Marketplace(just like NBA TopShot and NFT ALL DAY).

NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse offers a digital bobblehead on the Fanaply platform, which also has collections from Death Row Records, The Kentucky Derby and LeDropWithCheese!

The last free NFT is a colorful 56th Montreux Jazz Festival Poster created by artist Camille Walada on the OneOf platform, which also has collections from sports legends like Nolan Ryan, Emmit Smith, as well as music artists like G-Eazy, TLC and Pitbull-coming soon!


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