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PORN! Do I have your attention? It is with pleasure out of this metaverse, that I present to you NSFNFT! And, yes, it is what you think it stands for. These artists have several uniquely awesome collections across several platforms and I recommend that you check ALL OF THEM OUT! Their first collection I would like to mention is called Neon Lights and the featured image you see here is named, “Wheelbarrel” as you can see why, I hope. Neon Lights is a collection of 10 updated Kama Sutra positions “designed especially for the Crypto World!” according to the artists, “Because modern society needs something more up to date.” Sounds good to me and THANK YOU! There are 10 editions available on UniqueFans Marketplace(.02 ETH ONLY!) of each of the 10 initial positions(more to come) to include the Human Centipede and Doggystyle - a couple more of the artists’ favorites!

Next up is their SexFractals collection of 50 individual 1 of 1 editions (.01 ETH ONLY!) and also their Mia Rose Fractal collection(10 - 1 of 1 editions), which is an especially intriguing offer that includes 10 exclusive photos and 1 exclusive video of Mia Rose(smoke show), available on OpenSea! Just so we are on the same page, SexFractals start as images made from solo girl porn photos and are artistically/magically turned into Fractals by these talented artists. If you are looking to add a “classic meta porn” as they will refer to in 40 years from now, these fractals are such a great place to start for cheap!

And now, I have been anxiously awaiting to tell you about NSFNFT's, 6 NFT collection on OpenSea under the name:“The Secret Lives of Crypto’s”. It is a mockery of the CryptoPunks hype and I personally commend you for such work! Not only is it a hilarious concept, but the photos are GUT-BUSTING when you envision cryptopunks looking the way they do from the neck down moving forward!

Last, they have a collection of 5 NFTs on OpenSea and some of those items are a colorful “PXL the Happy Dick” gif, a meta hot Neon Girl and other NSFNFT branded artworks.

“We like to make fun with porn.” says the artists and that principle shines through their NFT’s in a fun, NSF NFT kind of way that only these artists have mastered so far! I’ve said enough. Go getcha porn on.

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