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Way to not make a #nftdrop POST. MALONE. Now I know where his name comes from, it was not automatically generated. It is from the lack of posts about your currently happening NFTdrop. If you google “post malone nft”, the entire first page of search results are from March 16 or older. So, I’m not crazy, no one had any idea that they could currently bid on Post Malone’s 3 different items on OpenSea right now, if you have at least $1,000 to spend on a Posty Cup. See image. Also, can we discuss how the name of his NFTdrop on OpenSea is “Diamond Hands”? The 3 different gold, gaming piece looking NFT’s you have available to bid on Post, are neither “Diamond” nor are they in any way “Hands”. Maybe a more appropriate name for your collection is “Goldy Posty’s”. I’m being too nice. I meant, “Goldies Post Crappified”.

Post Malone as a music talent = Solid A

Post Malone’s NFTdrop on OpenSea = Questionable D-

In summation, if Post DGAF, then I DGAF and we are all in on EMINEM’s nftdrop tomorrow yo!


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