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The Quantum Miami 2023 conference was a highly anticipated event for Web3 builders and enthusiasts, bringing together new and familiar faces for a three-day reunion. In addition to the powerhouse speakers, exclusive events and my cheese sneakers, the Quantum Miami 2023 conference also featured a talented artist, Sergey Gordienko, who was a prominent presence throughout the event. As soon as attendees entered the conference, they were greeted by Sergey and his vibrant art on display, which served as a constant reminder of the conference's central theme of "Do What You Love." His messages of love and inspiration uplifted and inspired attendees from the moment you walked in.

The conference kicked off with a powerful opening speech from Miami's Mayor, Francis Suarez, who expressed his bullishness towards Web3 and referenced the Metaverse market cap, which he believes will reach 5 trillion by 2030. He finished his remarks by excitedly saying, "Move to Miami!", which crushed! This was a fitting start to the conference, as it set the tone for the rest of the week, highlighting the relevance, importance and potential of Web3 technologies.

Immediately following the Mayor Suarez's speech, Fantom took the stage to talk about their blockchain technology. They are positioned as extremely secure and touted a 30-year road map, which impressed many attendees. They also offer transfer fee sharing, exceptional community benefits and resources, further establishing themselves as a leading player in Blockchain development. They shared a truly magnificent display of innovation and commitment to their mission and I'm bullish on Fantom!

One of the standout features of the Quantum Miami 2023 conference was the expansive patio out back from the conference venue, located right on the river. This tiered outdoor space was the perfect location for attendees to engage in meaningful conversations, surrounded by the beautiful weather and picturesque views of palm trees, passing yachts, tug boats, and rinky-dinky tiki boats. This was a much-appreciated oasis from the intensity of the conference and a place for attendees to connect and network in a relaxed setting. Quantum Miami also offered attendees a series of social events each day post-conference on this huge patio and attracted hundreds of attendees looking to unwind, network, and enjoy the beautiful weather, live music, DJs, and a variety of other entertaining activities, making for a truly memorable experience. If it sounds like I spent most of my time on the expansive patio, it's because I did! The weather, views, and conversations were too epic to be missed!

Additional highlights of the conference were the appearances of cryptocurrency celebrity, Bitboy Crypto, and the next big Web3 rapper, Dardan Bela. Bitboy Crypto was a featured speaker with a goal to promote his new book, "Catching Up to Crypto". His speech was highly anticipated and well received, providing attendees with valuable insights on catching up on everything that has happened with cryptocurrency. Dardan Bela promo'd his song, "Crypto Famous"during the conference in the lobby and it is FIRE!! Catch Dardan Bela's upcoming interview on my new show, "You Heard It Here First"!

While the conference was a great success, there was a reminder of the current bear market for some attendees when they approached the James Knight conference center. Outside, three bright Lamborghini’s were parked and available for rental by MPH Club, serving as a painful reminder that the cryptocurrency market has yet to fully recover from the recent bear market. It inspired most of us though, reminding us that we are just months away from a much anticipated Bull run when we will all MOON! #WAGMI

We saved the best highlight of Quantum conference week for last: CMH Salon Series event, which took place at a private residence on the 16th floor on Biscayne, Downtown Miami. This exclusive event had a welcoming, intimate backstage feel and featured breathtaking views, legendary OG speakers, an amazing live performance by Tatiana Moroz and a wonderful hostess, Jennifer Capo. This event was an emotionally and mentally invigorating experience for those in attendance and was a fitting conclusion to an exceptional conference week.

The Quantum Miami 2023 conference was a successful event for Web3 builders and enthusiasts. It brought together familiar faces and provided a platform for companies to showcase their technologies, while also providing attendees with a fun and intellectually stimulating experience. Optimism is very high and only the serious Web3 advocates made it to Quantum this year. This conference was an excellent and much needed start to the new year! And, I had an AMAZING time!! LFG 2023!!!

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