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3 words that I have extremely high expectations for in our future: RED BULL NFTs! The Red Bull Racing Team - Honda (Formula 1) is offering their first ever #NFTdrop via fan experience, in partnership with Tezos(XTZ). Details on the platform, #NFTs, release dates, etc., have not yet been disclosed. If there is one thing we have learned from Red Bull, is that they are highly innovative, run some of the most bad ass extreme events on the planet for 30-ish years now, and they are 50% of the essential ingredients of Crunk Juice. If you are not that familiar with Red Bull style events, my personal favorites that you must check out right after you read this article are: Red Bull Stratos($30M jump from space in 2012), Air Race World Championships, Flugtag, Soapbox Race, Cliff Diving and Crashed Ice. Combine what I have just mentioned with NFT’s and I am EXCITED for what the future holds!Red Bull also states that they care about you, “With Grand Prix fans still impacted by the global pandemic, the Team is constantly looking to provide new, unique and immersive experiences as part of its fan engagement platform.”

NFT TRIVIA: Red Bull is now the second Formula 1 racing team to launch NFTs for their fans. Can you name the first team and platform they chose?


Speaking of Formula 1, which is a big money international sport, in case you haven’t heard about it since Sacha Baron Cohen’s mentioning in Talladega Nights, Aston Martin and Alfa Romeo Racing Teams just announced today that they will be joining,the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange for sports fans trading tokens, fueled by $CHZ. Already on the platform are UFC, NASCAR, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, AC Milan, and Manchester City and lots more coming soon. Here is my point and wrap up, BUY $XTZ($3.56 now), $CHZ($0.26 now) and fan tokens on, buy some Red Bull NFTs and then tell your friends and family, "some dude in the metaverse with an extreme cheese block, named LeDropWithCheese, told me to buy CHZ and I made money." WE LIVE THE FUTURE NOW!

PS - I used the word extreme or a variation 4 times during the writing of this article. #RedBull

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