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I am SOOO excited about this collection specifically for like 50 reasons, humans, cats, saving cats, giving away Cat NFTs that will save Cats! This collection is one of the very first, truly decentralized automatic lotteries on the ETH blockchain that runs for 4 years, once 100% are sold, so let’s ALL collectively save cats and UNLOCK the Lottery together(and the NFTs are supes cute and BAD ASS)!! I had the pleasure of meeting the artist, Steph Ishler and her husband Richard Lucchesi, at the Chainlink event at NFT.NYC last month. I discovered the Retro Cat NFT collection and I immediately LOVED their project! The reason why I am writing this article in the Celebrity NFT Drop format is because they are celebrities with a youtube channel amassing over 100M views! Steph is a huge cat lover and this collection supports the cats of the world with donations to the Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation, Stray Cat Alliance and Orphan Kitten Club Mighty Cat Program, (see below for the collection milestone donations). Retro Cat NFT collection is a generative PFP collection of 10,000 Retro Cats that have really cool traits ranging from Atari’s, Bongs, Bottles of Booze, Projectors, Cars, you name it and there is a retro version of these items featured within each NFT in the collection. I must also mention that their tech is solid, utilizing Chainlink Blockchain by integrating their Verifiable Random Function (VRF) to randomize the traits and characteristics of Retro Cat NFTs and Chainlink Keepers to automate monthly raffles for Retro Cat NFT holders.

Ok, so what’s the deal with the lottery? There is a monthly 2 ETH raffle for Retro Cat NFT that begins when 50% of NFTs are sold, with a 48ETH deposit into the community wallet. In total, we can win up to 96 ETH as a Retro Cat NFT owner! Retro Cat NFT owners will receive an automatic lottery ticket for 4 years when 100% of Retro Cats are sold! This is a great collection by a great artist with great benefits and aspirations to help save the cats of the world. LFG!!!! Retro Cats to DA MOOOOON!!! #WAGMI #meow


Milestone Donations:

$5000 donation to the Orphan Kitten Club Mighty Cat Program at 25% sold

$7,500 donation to the Stray Cat Alliance at 75% sold

$10,000 donation to the Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation at 100% sold

Retro Cat NFT was featured on Rarity Tools, NFT Calendar, NFT Catcher, Rare Drop, Nextdropis and Irish Tech News!

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