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Scott Travis | FRESH CHEESE #10 *Special Edition*

After an extended hiatus from the Fresh Cheese Blog posts, I present to you a SPECIAL EDITION of Fresh Cheese, the Tenth artist in this series, Scott Travis! Not only is Scott a super talented, full-time artist, but he is a great guy all around and very ambitious in the art world, so welcome to the Metaverse! Scott just released the first 11 NFTs in his debut collection of 100 total NFTs on OpenSea! Scott has some creative utility built into his collection, such as incentivizing collecting one of each of 3 Jesus NFTs called the JESUS CHALLENGE and the first 3 collectors to buy one NFT of #9, #10 and #11, wins a tangible, ORIGINAL acrylic on canvas, resin glazed painting, shipped to you! #1 and #2 in his collection are auction only and you win the ORIGINAL painting, also Acrylic on Canvas, Resin glazed, shipped to you and #1 is a 40”x 60” size! Scott Travis’ collection, also offers multiple rare digital prints for purchase, as low as .05 ETH, which is a steal, as his tangible commissioned works go for $15,000-$20,000 entry price! Support your local artist and don’t miss getting in on this META HOT collection!

For commission work, email:

(Featured Image: #1 Red Lip Liberty, Scott Travis collection)



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