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Snoop Dogg has jumped on the open edition bus that has been the latest NFT collecting frenzy to kickoff 2023. However, Snoop's open edition NFT drop feels a lot like a Snoop Dogg Lottery with 2 big winners and everyone else who collects this song NFT, gets whitelisted for his future drops on the Sound NFT Marketplace. The drop is in celebration of his return to the platform and the NFT is a song titled “XYZ” that is currently available for $8 for three days on, starting Feb 3, 2023.

Snoop Dogg is widely recognized as a prominent figure in the Web3 and NFT communities. He has taken an active role in exploring and participating in the metaverse space, including releasing a metaverse music video, creating digital weed, being a member of popular NFT communities like Cryptopunks and Bored Ape, Snoop DOGE coins on, owning land in The Sandbox, and filing NFT and metaverse trademark applications. These actions have cemented Snoop Dogg's reputation as a Web3 royalty in the NFT and metaverse spaces, which is why I can't completely "Dogg" his NFT Drop. He is a pioneer in the space and he has had a huge positive impact when it comes to mass adoption of this new technology and has demonstrated fun, party vibe use cases.

"XYZ" by Snoop Dogg is another NFT Drop by this Hip-Hop Legend and we will continue to see more and more from him ongoing. As an avid fan of Snoop Dogg, I view this NFT Drop as a chance to forever own a new song by Snoop, a lottery ticket to potentially win a vintage car or a 1/1 NFT, I get to secure access to his future drops and show that I am an early supporter of Snoop on Sound. So, for $8, I am sold!

Here are the defined Rewards for Snoop Dogg's "XYZ" collectors:

A vintage car

Not only does Snoop give you a new song, but if/when it reaches 42,000 mints, he will also gift one of the holders a classic car.

Golden Egg

The egg is not revealed until all of the song’s copies have been sold. The winner will get an artist-selected, one-of-a-kind 1/1 NFT.

Exclusive First Listen

Collectors are allowed early and exclusive access to all new Snoop Dogg releases as soon as they are produced and made accessible to the general public.

Comment Wall

Share your comments about the song in a public forum. Prove that you have been a supporter since the campaign’s start. If you sell your NFT, the new owner will be permitted to put their own comment in its place if they so choose.

This Open Edition is available for purchase until February 6 until 9:30 pm.


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